Fall’s must-have outerwears – the parka

I started a new blog topic two weeks ago to tell you what outerwears you should wear with your favourite summer garments in fall, and also how to wear them with warmer clothes. To read the full story about the leather jacket click here. At this post, I’m gonna show you the parka.

If you’re tired of wearing your trench coat or other jackets, you should try the parka. It can make your outfit cool and modern because of its texture and its khaki colour. And this dye is also in fashion in this season. To save your summer garments for autumn, you should pair it with your favourite denim shorts combined with tights and boots or trainers. If the weather cools down you can buy warmer ones with fur lining. /Click to the pictures to open the gallery!/

If the indian summer is over, look up your favorite jeans, put on a warm knitted pullover and you’re ready to go. If you’re insist on your stilettos and prefer feminine style, the parka is also a good choice to refresh your style.

For hasty days you can easily fit your parka into your casual wear. With sneakers and flat boots you cannot make a mistake. If the weather is very windy, put on a warm grey or bright coloured hat.

/Source: pinterest.com/
What do you think of this garment? How do you like to wear it?