The fairy tale of Capri

Two weeks ago, right after the end of the Paris Couture Fashion Weeek, the fashion world was so excited about the Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana designer duo’s fw14 couture show or as they say: Alta Moda. The presentation was held in the impressive island of Capri, which served perfectly for the show with its picturesque landscapes and its mood.



The organization of the show was so different from the others as usual. Domenico and Stefano wanted to creat their own couture show in the spirit of Italian passion, love and mentality. It didn’t only differ from the date or the destination, but many other things. They wanted to make it very homely and private as they only invited 200 guests, who were selected very strictly. They chose only the biggest fashion influencers like Anna Dello Russo, Giovanni Bataglia or Anna Vintour. And the event also was free from paparazzi and photographers, this way the guests were encouraged to take photos and to post them onto social media pages. The uniqueness manifest itself as the guest were transported to the island by speedboats which were decorated with lemons and flowers as the island, too.

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The Italian mentality was obvious as the guests got a nice gift: a box with full of typical Mediterranean fruit and flowers, beach bags, sunglasses and books about the culture and history of Capri, like a holiday souvenir.

I suppose now you’re so excited about the dresses and the show. Not only the guests came by boats but the models, too. It was the part of the show, as well as the operatic music.

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/Source: instagram/

The clothes were so stunnig, and the models, too. One of my favourites is Kinga Rajzak, the Slovak origin topmodell, who totally looked like Snow White with her black hair and pale skin in her dress.



I loved all the looks from head to toe. I was happy about that Domenico&Stefano keeped the typical signs of the brand: the statement jewels, the crowns, the effortless Lolita make-up and the well-detailed clothes. All dresses and shoes were made by hands, which could add an extra luxurious and unique feeling to the 73- piece collection. The designer duo were inspired by the 50’s and 60’s age.
At the end of the catwalk, another model came by a boat in an enormous blue painted floating dress with a crown on her head just like the queen of the show.


/Source: instagram/

 And the show ended with fireworks.

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Capri Dolce & Gabbana Alta Mida ❤️😍🇮🇹😘

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What else I can say? Maybe the fairy tale came true by Dolce&Gabbana. They could breath life to the dresses, they looked like live paintings. Their collection was more than textiles, clothes and accessories. It was the art of design. After this show we cannot call these clothes as just simple clothes but as masterpieces. This show was definitely much more than a usual couture catwalk in Paris. It was full of passion, elegance and like a live dream. A legendary event that everyone would like to be the part of.


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