The new fashion mania

May you can still remember the Crocs (founded 2002 in the US) and the Uggs (also from the US, but founded in 1978) when these shoes were so popular all over the world and also very fashionable around in the mid-2000s. Especially, when their cut were copied by many brands, usually in a worse quality. As far as I know in Central and Eastern-Europe they appeared a little later than in the overseas, but this trend didn’t last more than 1 or 2 years. However, it’s undeniable that they are so comfy, practical and durable, but in most cases being fashionable and stylish doesn’t equal with these features.

And now I discovered a new phenomenon, a new type of shoes, which is very similar to the two cases mentioned above, although I don’t know how long it’ll last. These shoes are comfy, loved by thousands of people, but not so pretty. So, I cannot pass over the Birkenstock-effect in silence because it has become widespread and copied by many brands. Birkenstoc was founded in 1774 in Germany, and the company’s main profile is to make medical shoes. The name deprives from the founder, from German Johann Adam Birkenstock.
You can see these footwear worn by several style icons, bloggers and celebrities. If you’re curious about how to wear them or insist on them, I show you some of my favourites. I’d like to pay your attention for that this shoes only goes well with CASUAL outfits.






One thing you should keep in mind: you don’t have to only follow every craze because it’s in and everyone wears it, although you consider it ugly or anything else. You have to make sure that you really love it, and it fits your garments well.
And one more thing: be original, be yourself and be stylish. Style is more than fashion. As Yves Saint Laurent said: “Fashions fade, style is eternal. “


What do you think?

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