Fashion world’s new invention: the cape blazer

May you have noticed that phenomenon one or two years ago, when a lot of famous stylish people, celebrities, bloggers were wearing their blazers, coats and jackets carelessly, as they just laid them on their shoulders like a cape.
I think an iconic and revealing representative of this tendency can be Miroslava Duma. A well-known russian style icon,a  regular participant and guest of fashion weeks,  street style photographers’ muse and ex-editor of Russian Harper’s Bazaar. At present she’s a freelance writer and owner of Buro 24/7 online magazine. Here are some pictures of her blameless style.


navy jacket





sequin coat


yellow coat


I’m not sure whether it’s become widespread or not, but I can adjust that it’s so stylish and can add any outfit a little laid-back, effortless look. It works very well especially with elegant pieces, which are already severe, so this method can break the regular wear.
I suppose that this street style habit could lead to the invention of cape blazers. I think it was a really good idea because you don’t have to be afraid of your blazer falls down or slides. Moreover, If you are too busy and have to run to catch a taxi or a bus, it won’t fall down and you won’t leave it. So this piece is very practical, useful and stylish. I’d like to show you some of my favourites from nastygal.

A balck blazer is always a must-have piece , it fits everything and every style.

black cape blazer

For summer a white cape blazer is essential and can replace  black garments.
white cape blazer

In this season tropical prints are also in,

flower print cape blazer

and bright colours, too, such as red, orange and canary yellow.

coral cape blazer

So, what do you think of cape blazers? Would you wear them or not?


What do you think?

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