Just married! ♥

One week ago Olivia Palermo got married with her fiancé, Johannes Huebl, in a very intimate and separated area, far from the concrete jungle, Bedford. The event called the attention of the whole fashion world, as Olivia is well-known about her perfect style, and considered as a style icon. The way she dresses  is followed by several women. For the big day she chose a cream cashmere sweater, a pair of white shorts and a full tulle skirt from Carolina Herrera. As keeping the tradition – ‘something blue’ – she was wearing a pair of deep blue Manolo Blahnik shoes. This simplicity and elegance also featured her hair style and make-up: a pony tail and a natural, romantic face.


/Source: all pictures from olivipalermo.com, by Johannes Huebl/ 

Many fashion obsessed argue that whether it was a good choice or not, but one thing is clear: Olivia broke with the traditional wedding rules as she replaced the classic wedding dress with a combination of sweater, shorts and tulle skirt. However, it’s not unfamiliar to some women to pair a sweater with a tulle skirt at the street. Here are some of my favourite examples.

1. The classic
2. The casual


3. The modern

4. The glam rock

5. The sporty


/Source: all pictures from pinterest/


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