New vintage crop top on the board

When I was a child wasn’t very keen on second-hand shops. May I looked down on them, because  wearing strangers’ used clothes seemed too weird to me, and also some of them were really frayed and old. Not to mention the poor variety of sizes. However, I suspect that it could also be thanked to the messy interior where tonnes of clothes were in bulk, so I wasn’t willing to touch them or look for a nice piece because it seemed impossible to find the right one from the mass.
Some years after everything changed. The shops are modern, the clothes are on hangers, they are categorised according to sex, types, colours, etc. Even the choice is bigger and has much better quality. So,  nowadays it’s much easier to find the desired piece, often from a well-known brand.
As I grown up, I got used to these shops, they’re became familiar to me. If I have enough time and I’m tired of shopping malls I always pop into one to find a unique ‘treasure’. It happened to me again some days ago, when I found a lovely, wavy pastel crop top from H&M. In connection with it, I’d like to show you how to style it.

The starting point:

Pastel H&M crop top

And the three ways:

Brown top / Beige blazer / Mango / Zara trousers / High rise jean shorts / Wrap skirt, / Brian Atwood high heel shoes, / Mirrored shoes, / Yves Saint Laurent high heel sandals / LYDC shoulder bag,/ Lauren Merkin mini purse / Henri bendel handbag / Lauren Ralph Lauren bracelet bangle / Michael Kors gold wrist watch / Manoush bracelet bangle,/ Witchery oversized chain necklace, / Bee Charming necklace / Beach sun hat / Quay black glasses / Tom Ford cateye glasses

As you can see this top goes very well with these 3 different outfits. You can creat a bright contrast with black pieces and with some gold accessories. It’s gonna be so elegant, yet simple. In summer I totally fall in love with sleeveless blazers, this season’s must have.
If your wardrobe build onto a romantic style, I think it’s obvious that this crop top also goes very well with pastel elements and flower prints. I think that a huge white hat also could fit this look, ideal against sunrays.
Finally the casual look is so simple, effortless and cool. One of my other favourites of this season are metal blue sunglasses and mirror sandals. A crop top is a very good choice for a high-waisted denim shorts. If the weather became chilly, you can wear a comfy grey cardigan with them.
So it’s up to you whether what style you’d like to wear with what kind of accessories. You’re gonna be so pretty in all of them.


What do you think?

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