Get the JLo’s World Cup look

When I listen to some good music on YouTube I usually don’t watch the videos, besides some exceptions. A great example for this the 2014 FIFA World Cup Song. I suspect that the main reason of watching this is my passion about football. I’m always so excited when a huge soccer event is organised, and I’m a passionate fun.

Now we’re in the middle of the World Cup, I’m really curious about the winner team. And you? Till then, I’m gonna show you my fav JLo’s look from the official anthem video. Enjoy! 😉

So it was the inspirational look:

JLo's look


And I created this look:

2014 World Cup Look by dresstoyourmood featuring high waisted shorts
Topshop white tank top / Zara high waisted shorts / Paris hilton shoes / H M straw purse, / UNEARTHED gold cuff bracelet / Wide gold bracelet / Gold necklace, / Sisley lips makeup, / Giorgio Armani perfume fragrance

Actually, I didn’ want to make it too colourful because I wanted to highlight the printed short by combining it with a simple white crop top, some gold and green jewellery and a nice braided clutch. Finally, I chose a pair of orange suede high heel shoes. I think this is what makes this outfit ultra modern and sexy, which is good for a summer date or a party.


What do you think?

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