Are Mom jeans the new boyfriend ones?

We didn’t have to wait too much for the mom jeans to get into fashion again. Although, if you had worn them in the ’00s, you would have been considered old fashioned. All began in the early 90s in the US, when we could see this season’s must have key piece in TV series like Friends, Dawson’s Creek, Beverly Hills 90210 or Step by Step, and also at the streets. Although it has appeared in the last year, it has become widespread in 2014, when many fast fashion brands announced its own type. You can choose from several ones: from the classic light blue colour to the faded or stone-washed, even ripped ones in many other colours.

Actually, when the high waisted jeans appeared some years ago I wasn’t so obsessed with them. I’ve got used to boyfriend ones, so Is it high time for changing, too? Anyway, I collected my favs of this season, and I’m going to show you how to style them. Enjoy! 😉

1. The smart look



I really love this look beacuse in most cases I pair my jeans with high heeled shoes, blazers and a simple top. For summer white.  white and white. You should make a contrast with black details, and it’s gonna be so stunnig. And never forget to pay attention for the high waists, just tuck your shirt into the jeans. I’m not an accessory fun, and as you can see the example, no jewellery needed.

 2. The smart casual look

sneakers_smart casual


Sneakers have been in fashion since last year, so if you want to create a comfy, but still a smart look, you should choose this one. Just pair this jeans with a simple crop top, a nice blazer and a handbag, and you can go!

3. The casual look



If there’s weekend and wanna go to shopping or organising some outdoor programs, this outfit is gonna be perfect. Put on a  pair of convenient leather boots, pull on your favourite top. If you prefer boho chic, wear this with a nice hat, and it’s gonna be perfect for a rainy, muddy festival, too.

4. The school look

school outfit_flat shoes


Finally, I also wanted to pay your attention for this outfit, especially for the flat shoes. It’s also very comfy, but maybe it highlights the most your waist because of the tucked blouse and the naked arms. Nothing is more, so in this case a red lipstic is a very good accessory. And the bag is which make this look scholastic.

So, can we say that mom jeans have changed boyfriend jeans?… And, if yes, what’s gonna happen then? Can we have higher waists or the lower the better will come? Anyway, I await it with a lot of interest. As they say: fashion is a circulation; but never forget that is always a revolution.


What do you think?

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